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Operation 36


LEARN the Game + PLAY on the Course + TRAIN your skills

The Operation 36 Adult Golf Program provides players with the opportunity to work through a clear pathway to playing golf at whatever level they would like to attain. There are six levels with 12 subjects at each level through which students will progress at their own pace. Each student tracks their progress in the OP36 app where points are awarded for a variety of completed tasks.

This will be the first year for Operation 36 at Goodwin Park Golf Academy. We are extremely excited about introducing this program to golfers of all abilities. We challenge each of you join our community and get better in 2020.

OP 36 Classes – The Operation 36 Adult Golf Program Academy Classes are designed to provide golfers a group coaching environment for you to learn the game, set goals, and develop your skills. Coaches will work through the Operation 36 Curriculum and allow you a chance to test and progress in your rank.

OP36 Matches – Operation 36 Matches challenge golfers to shoot the target score of 36 for 9 holes. The format tests scoring skills first by starting 25 yards from the hole and allows golfers to progress back as their skills develop.

OP36 Supervised Practice – Supervised Practice is a structured training session under the watchful eye of a trained coach. They will help you structure your practice and provide feedback to ensure your training session is as efficient as possible.

CLICK HERE to join the Goodwin Park Golf Academy community. 


Operations 36 Clinic, Schools, Practice Schedule

Clinics for everyone

This seasons clinics are powered by Operation 36 and will have an exciting playing component that is sure to improve your game. To learn more about Operation 36 and our new approach (CLICK ON THE VIDEO ABOVE)

The cost to attend is $120 for 4 clinics. Space is limited to 8 persons per clinic. To register please email the golf shop at goodyshop1906@gmail.com or give us a call at (860)543-8518.

We are following all CDC guidelines in regards to social distancing for your safety and ours.

2020 Clinic Schedule

Wednesdays @ 5pm
All Ladies are welcome to join us for a 1.5 hour clinic starting at 5pm.

Thursday @ 5pm
Junior Practice/ Clinic- This clinic is designed to be a fun and enjoyable practice session w/ our pro’s.

Saturdays @ 10am
Come one, Come all- This is a clinic for everyone come by yourself or bring the whole family out for a 1.5-hour clinic, then take your game to the Flat Nine for a round of golf. The cost to play the Flat Nine is just an additional $9.



Each clinic is $30 per person per clinic, if you take more than one clinic in a single day the cost is $25 per clinic. To register call the golf shop at 860-543-8518, email goodyshop1906@gmail.com. In addition please join our Goodwin Park Golf Academy community powered by Operation 36!! (Click on the link above)