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2018 Men's Club Bylaws


Goodwin Park Men’s Club

Tournament Rules - Revised March 2018


The purpose of the Goodwin Park Men’s Club is to promote golf at Goodwin Park Golf Course and to foster competitive golf among members.  This assures that City Facilities are used and maintained by responsible, golf-knowledgeable people. Also, the Club’s tournament schedule and prizes provide both competition and benefits for the members and moderate support for the Golf Shop.  As a condition of membership, each member of the Club accepts certain responsibilities.  These rules provide some specific definitions and reasonable methods of disciplinary action which, when administered fairly, can serve to assure all members that they will continue to enjoy the benefits of their membership.


A member may play in any tournament if he has paid his dues for the year, has a current USGA or CSGA handicap, has met all the tournament qualification requirements, and has not been disciplined in accordance with these rules.  (See Disciplinary Action)

  1. Members with no handicap can participate in any tournament but will play with a zero handicap.
  2. A member must play in 4 Men’s Club rounds to be eligible to play the Club Championship.
  3. A member may play in the Legends (70 and over), Masters (80 and over) or regular Club Championships if he has a current state handicap, has played in at least five weekend tournaments. A member is eligible to play in an age-restricted tournament on the first day of the month in which he becomes the required age.
  4. To be eligible to play in the Goshdigian Cup a member must play in at least three weekend tournaments.

The professional staff may from time to time, set tournament qualifications, application deadlines, and other rules that are in keeping with the stated purpose of the Goodwin Park Men’s Club.


  1. Tournaments requiring assigned teams and/or starting times will have a description and sign-up sheet posted in the Golf Shop and/or Restaurant.
  2. The sign-up deadline is 5:00 pm on the Wednesday before the Tournament.
  3. A member signing up after the deadline will be on the alternate list if necessary.


  1. Members will make their own pairings for regular tournaments (one day) on their own. Players can register their foursome in the golf shop by phone or in person. All changes or cancelations must be made by the Wednesday at 5pm prior to the event.
  2. In multiple day events teams and/ or individuals will be repaired after the first round by score by the professional staff and will be posted on the GPGC website, and on the bulletin board outside of the golf shop and in the restaurant by Thursday prior to the second day of the event.
  3. Members on the sign-up sheet in excess of those needed to fill teams will be placed at the top of the alternate list.  Alternates are assigned to vacancies based on handicap rather than the position on the alternates list.

Starting Times:

  1. Tournaments must be played only on the day(s) scheduled, and only at the assigned starting times. 
  2. One member from each foursome will be assigned responsibility for obtaining a starting time for his group.  (See Pairings for further guidance)


  1. Tournaments will be played as scheduled unless adverse weather conditions prevail as determined by the Tournament Committee.
  2. In the event of adverse weather conditions: a.) A member who decided not to play must advise the Golf Shop of his decision before his starting time. b.) A committee representative will decide if disciplinary actions will be waived.  This will be done prior to the start of the tournament whenever possible.
  3. All tournaments start at the first or tenth tee, at the discretion of the Golf Shop.
  4. Match play tournaments will be played from the tees assigned to the player.
  5. Match play tournaments tied at the end of regulation play and requiring a play-off must continue to the hole assigned by the Golf Shop.
  6. All ties not requiring a play-off will be broken by matching cards, using gross or net scores as appropriate, following the rules posted for the specific tournament.
  7. Handicaps used will be those in effect at the time of pairing, unless otherwise posted.
  8. Match play and medal play tournaments must follow the USGA rules for posting scores.
  9. 85/100 Rule

For applicable Tournament play, GPGC Members have the option of moving forward from the Blue tees to the White tees depending on the total of their age plus their Blue handicap.  If the total of their age plus their Blue handicap equals 85 or more, Members have the option of moving forward from the Blue tees to the White tees.  If their age plus their Blue handicap equals 100 or more, Members have the option to move forward from the Blue tees to the Red tees.  This rule applies to most scheduled and sign up at tee tournaments.  Tournaments where Members may NOT move forward per this rule include Club Championships, and others designated by the Tournament Committee or Golf Shop Staff where certain tees are used for those events.

Disciplinary Action:

  1. A member violating rules will lose eligibility to play for the two next sign-up tournaments.  A second violation will result in a member losing eligibility to play in the next additional four sign-up tournaments.  A member committing a second violation will be notified in writing by the Tournament Committee as to the action taken.
  2. A member who violates City Policy will be subject to separate action by the town, which can include loss of all playing privileges.
  3. The Golf Professional Staff and Tournament Committees will deal with written complaints.

Dress Code:

Members of the GPGC Men’s Club will be held to a slightly higher standard than regular public play. Men’s Club Leadership feel it is important to the growth of the club to present ourselves in a manner that provides a welcoming and healthy golfing environment:

  1. Men’s Club Officers will be required to at all times adhere to the following dress code.
  2. Members of the GPGC Men’s Club will be required to adhere to the following dress code during Men’s Club events. (it is recommended that all Members adhere at all times)
    1. NO denim jeans
    2. NO Cutoffs (Jeans or Slacks)
    3. c.Collard or other golf shirt required

Slow Play:

  1. Each group must: a.Keep up with group ahead; b.Let a following group through, if one or more holes are open; c.Request to be allowed to play through, if following a group with one or more open holes before it.
  2. All members of a group will be responsible for a group’s play.


  1. A member or group’s score will not be posted unless a complete scorecard is returned.
  2. A completed card includes: each member’s full name (First and Last), handicap, signatures of the scorer and attestor, the date, and gross and/or net scores (as applicable).
  3. All Men’s Club tournament scores will be posted by the professional golf staff for all rounds played in tournaments, except for scrambles, shambles, alternate shot formats or tournaments played from the forward tees, for which there is no men’s slope or rating.


  1. The golf professional staff will set specific prizes for all tournaments.
  2. Gross and net prizes will be determined by the size of the tournament field.
  3. Golf Shop Credit- Golf Shop Credit must be used no later than November 30th of the year in which it was awarded or it will be forfeited. There shall be no transfer of credits from one account to another.

Rules of Golf:

  1. USGA Rules apply to all play, including (Rule 16-1) spike marks shall not be repaired if it might assist the player in his subsequent play of the hole.
  2. Members will play the ball “as it lies” (Rule 13-1) – The professional staff along with input from the Golf Course Superintendent will determine when “preferred lies” are necessary (Rule 33-8a). Notice will be posted at the starter’s desk and in the golf shop. “Preferred lies”  means that a player may, , move his ball to a place not nearer to the hole.  The ball must be marked prior to being moved. The player may then pick up the ball, clean it, and place it within one club length of its original spot.
  3. Out of bounds is designated by white stakes and/ or lines. (Rule 27)
  4. Water hazards (Rule 26) are designated by yellow stakes and/ or lines.
  5. Lateral water hazards are designated by red stakes and/ or lines. (Rule 26).
  6. Members are expected to be familiar with and to enforce the current USGA Rules, and are encouraged to carry a copy of the Rules of Golf with them at all times.
  7. The highest ranking golf professional onsite will help manage all rulings if needed.


Each player is responsible for entering their score on all non-men’s club tournament rounds into the GHIN handicap system. Failure to enter a score will result in disciplinary action by Men's Club Leadership. Multiple failures will result in progressively harsher sanctions. The progression of sanctions will be warning, warning plus posting of score (68+ player’s handicap), and finally one-month revocation of tournament privileges.

The Executive Board will designate which tournaments will require a T-Score (Tournament Score) to be posted in the GHIN Handicap Program.

Divisions (based on course handicap)

                  A-    0-9

                  B-    10-15

                  C-    16-20

                  D-    21+

Birdie Train:

Every Sunday the Golf Shop will run a Birdie Train for those interested. Individuals wishing to compete in the Birdie Train will be required to be registered to play in the Men’s Club Tournament for that day. Results will be posted on the GPGC website and bulletin boards.

Cost: $5 cash ONLY

Format: ABCD Blind Draw Stroke Play. Best 2 of 4.

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded in cash. All prizes will be hand delivered by golf shop staff to all winners.

Men’s Club Officers:

Men’s Club Officers will be elected on an annual basis at the Men’s Club Closing day.

2018 Men’s Club Officers are as follows:

           Kevin Malizia- President

           John Wright-

           Stan Piorkowski-

           Lou Visone-

           Rich Lawlor-

           Jim Goshdigian- Tournaments

           Joe Mentz- Head Golf Professional